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Blog 4: Released May 10, 2013


Chapter 1:  Forget Korea. This story’s war hero plays golf with the Brass for big money, and somehow manages to bust a couple of GIs out of a Mexican jail.   

Chapter 2:  A Buck Sergeant bucks the system and unwittingly challenges Washington’s pursuit of communist infiltrators and sympathizers, threatening our American way of life.

Chapter 3:  The Korean War nears an end. Civilian life beckons, only to be thwarted by a dreaded social disease diagnosis.

Joseph McCarthy and the Hollywood Ten…  Highlights of the famous Joe McCarthy-driven anti-communist purge  broadcast live on TV and featured in the newsreels. Not to be missed.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” …  War stinks!… “When Will We Ever Learn?” Nobody does a more beautiful job of singing that message than Pete Seeger. This poignant YouTube selection tells it like it was and unfortunately still is.

Blog 3: Released April 12, 2013


    Chapter 1:    My ‘Breezy Point’ welcome… The story behind Captain Billy’s ‘WhizBang’… Two-hundred male-hungry sorority girls take over this Catskills-type resort.  

    Chapter 2:    I discover a trove of ‘WhizBangs’… My first run-in with the Chicago hoods… And a coming-of-age misadventure with a beautiful Mambo dancer.  

    Chapter 3:    Breezy hires a Borscht Belt comedian… Doc and I manufacture an epidemic… I become pals with a baseball  Hall of Famer and thwart a near-death experience.   

    Chapter 4:    Miss Minnesota comes into my life… We run into trouble with one of the Chicago guys… The Hells Angels take over Bar Harbor and descend on Breezy Point in the wee hours.   

Good and Bad Exercises for Lower Back Pain A few simple back care exercises from Web MD.

Faster Horses” … A little ditty about the secret of life from an old cowboy.

Blog 2: Released March 22, 2013

Chapter 1: “The Fire”…  The Bel Air Fire of 1961. Our young family’s home burns down along with hundreds of others. We lose everything.

Chapter 2: “Malibu… From Out of the Ashes”…  We rebound and discover a new life on the beach in Malibu with the rich and famous.

Marijuana: The Other Side of the Story” …   The case against legalization of marijuana by the nation’s foremost authority on teenage addiction… What if it was your kid?

Video: Gorilla Reunion   An African YouTube love affair between man and beast… Beyond belief.

Blog 1: Released March 5, 2013

Girard Avenue” ...  A six-year-old boy faces his first real test of survival.

Paper Boy” …  Two character building ‘life and growth’ experiences of a very young entrepreneur.

Coffee Story   There’s coffee and then there’s real coffee. Fascinating woman… fascinating story.

Back Care Tips” …  ‘Flare-ups’ are the product of ‘Screw-ups’. Avoid the pain by avoiding the strain.

Cartoon of the Blog   Aging… Yech!

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